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a screen saver for KDE

This screensaver makes extensive use of OpenGL and CPU.
Here is a screen shoot how it will look like (click to enlarge): Screenshoot.
Now you know hot it looks like but the picture can't give you the feeling of motion
so try it for yourself - grab it from download section.
Project News:
KMatrix unfreezed ! :-) Details can be found on my blog:
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(10.02.2007) Kmatrix V2 development is freezed.
I'm sorry about this but I have to freeze development for some times beacuse of my old CRT 17'' monitor
is almost dead - the text is so blurred so my eyes are going to cry after an hour of coding.
So until I'll make some moneys to buy a new one it's impossible to continue.
There is so much to do - for about two two and half months of full time work.
The KMatrix V2 NEED YOU - If You can please support this project.

This is an early screenshoot of current development stage. The matrix corridor.


KMatrix 0.1 is based on the code by Thomas John.
See his website for more details about Matrix Fall X orginal project

Currently I'm working on the V2 version of KMatrix3D which will contain
following effects:
1) endless corridor section
2) matrix world transitions
3) matrix reloaded intro effects
4) extensive use of shaders
5) performace improvements

You can contact me if you have intresting ideas how to make it better or post it on the project home page.

If you like this screensaver and you're interested in future development
versions you can support me by donation a small amount of money here
using SF.Net donation system. A 5% of your donation will go to the superb :-)
Support This Project
Thanks to all present and future donors - I'll remember to mention you on this site.

You can grab the very latest version of KMatrix3D from project download page.
Currently avaiable packages:
1) Source
2) Gentoo Ebuild (Thanks to Stephen Leaf)
3) Kubuntu Edgy (Thanks to Darek Jakoniuk)
4) PantherOS (Thanks to Charles Barcza from BlackPanter Core)
5) Mandriva 2007 (Thanks to Gerardo Bueno)
6) Kubuntu AMD64 (Thanks to Martin Sandsmark)

Artur Szymiec
You can find more about me as well as contact details from the About Me web page.